Prep for Week 3- January 30th

Hi there!

This week I thought I’d try something different and show you what I find at the beginning at the week and talk about the meals later.  I went back to Clancy’s for meats but instead of Kowalski’s I tried going to the Linden Hills Co-op to see what kind of local selections they had.

At Clancy’s I picked up some more deli ham for sandwiches, pork chops, pot roast and a new kind of soup, chicken and wild rice with bacon.  They seem to add bacon to a lot of soups, I’m ok with that.

At the Co-op I picked up some hamburger buns, bagels, granola, salsa, garlic basil fettuccini and mushrooms!  It was the same story with the produce section, however, they had tags on everything with the state it was grown in.  I’m hoping there will be more options come spring.  There was a 5 pound bag of carrots from Minnesota but I just couldn’t do it.  That’s just a little too much for me.

One thought on “Prep for Week 3- January 30th

  1. Carrots keep quite a while in the fridge! I’ve been known to keep some in there for weeks and cut them in matchsticks and it’s great for snacking at work.

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