Prep for week of February 6th

Grocery shopping day!  I went back to Clancy’s and the Co-op again.

From the Co-op I was super excited to find something green!  Full list: lettuce, carrots, frozen broccoli, frozen pizza, bread, milk, parmesan and cheddar cheese and a loaf of bread.  Grand total was $54.58.  Including a few non-local items not shown.

From Clancy’s we picked up deli meat for lunch sandwiches, chicken breast, steaks, and ground beef.  Bonus- we got some of their deli sandwiches for lunch.  Look at these things!  Grand total was $52.52

I couldn’t finish my sandwich so i’m bringing the other half to work for lunch tomorrow.  They load these things up!  I didn’t spring for the jalapenos, spicy mustard and horseradish but the Hubs got his with the works.  The dogs were really interested too.  Charlie especially wanted to get a taste of it, her head was on my lap the whole time we were eating, must smell good!

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