Week of February 6th


Sunday we had pork chops, peas and garlic butter roasted mushrooms, yum!   I got the mushroom recipe from one of the food blogs I like to follow called Smitten Kitchen.  It was really simple to make and the kitchen smelled so good while it was cooking.  We didn’t have the capers or parsley that was called for but the mushrooms were great even without them.

To dress up the pork chops a bit, I made a mustard sauce.  I found it in my Fannie Farmer Cookbook.  It was a nice addition but makes a lot!  Next time I think I’ll use it to make a full roast rather than for just two people.

Warm Mustard Sauce
– 1/3 cup prepared mustard
– 3 T. honey
– 2 T. olive or vegetable oil
– 1 T. red wine or balsamic vinegar
– 1 tsp. ground sage
– 1/2 tsp. salt
–  1/2 tsp. ground pepper

Combine all of the ingredients in a small saucepan and mix well to blend.  Place over a medium-low heat and heat until very warm but do not boil.

I brought some leftover peas and mushrooms to eat with my Clancy’s deli sandwich for Monday’s lunch!


Pizza day!  We kept things really simple and had the frozen pizza and the lettuce both of which we picked up at the Co-op.  It was really great to have the option to just throw a pizza in and have dinner ready in 15 minutes.  It was pretty good pizza too.  We tried cheese to start but I think we’ll try some other toppings in the future.

I was really thrilled to have fresh greens along with my dinner.  I didn’t add any dressing this time around but I think we’ll make some vinaigrette to go along with it the next time.


I really have to give full credit to the Hubs for making dinner on Wednesday.  I had a pretty late night at work but was excited to come home to dinner being kept warm for me in the oven.

He made me steak, Sno Pac corn and buttery mashed potatoes!  So, so good!  He even kept the potato skins on for me, my favorite part:)


Taco Thursday!  We made tacos using ground beef from Thousand Hills Cattle company.  Instead of using a store bought packet of taco seasoning, I used a mix of chili powder, garlic salt, dried onion and pepper.  I just guessed at it until it smelled right.

For the rest of the taco toppings we used some leftover corn, black beans, salsa and cheddar cheese.  We also had another helping of lettuce salad.

Other items…

I thought I should let you know that we’ve been doing better about brining our lunch and coming up with local breakfast choices.  It’s been quite a few ham and turkey sandwiches but I’m going to try to find some more options so we can mix it up a bit.  I’ve also been having yogurt and granola for breakfast lately.  The granola is local from the Co-op but I have some more hunting to do to find local yogurt,  I think I need to take more time exploring the Co-op and maybe a few other places around town.

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