Whole Roasted Chicken!

I tackled a big one last week!  Before we got the second round of colds, I went for it and tried roasting a whole chicken.  I’ve never tried anything more than chicken or turkey breast.  Needless to say I was pretty nervous about making sure I got it cooked all the way through but with the recipe I found was straightforward and made it much less intimidating.

I found the recipe at thekitchn.com, they called it ‘The Naughty Way to Roast a Chicken’, you can find it right here.  Instead of roasting it laying down on a rack, you use a bundt pan to stand it straight up.  I don’t have a bundt pan so I substituted it with a stand for beer butt chicken (We’ve had it for a long time, i’ll have to try it the way you’re meant to next time) and then placed the chicken straight up and down inside our roasting pan.  Once the chicken is on the rack you salt, pepper and season to your liking.

Once the chicken is seasoned and ready to go, you add chopped veggies of your choice to the bottom of the roasting pan.  We just used potatoes seasoned the same as the chicken, but you could add carrots or any other good roasting veggies.  From there it was as simple as watching the temperature and time per the recipe and voila!

Once the chicken reaches the correct temperature (check with a meat thermometer) , use tongs to move the chicken to a plate to rest for a few minutes.  While it was resting I popped the potatoes back in the oven to get them cooked all the way through.  It was really convenient to have everything in one pan.  It made cleaning up that much easier.

The chicken came out so moist and tasty!  I also had enough meat to fill us up for dinner for a few nights.  While it was a pretty easy recipe to follow, I would keep this dinner for the weekend when you have more time to get it all ready.  From start to finish it took about an hour and a half.  That’s usually too much time for me to want to take during the week.

I also kept what we didn’t eat (bones and all) to make chicken stock at a later time.  Right now, it’s hanging out in a bag in our freezer.  I’ll be sure to share that with you when I get the rest of the fixin’s.

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