wine and ice cream

I tasted my first Minnesota wine this week.  I started out with Morgan Creek Vineyard’s Relativity, a semi-sweet table white wine.  They’re located in New Ulm, Minnesota southwest of the Twin Cities.  For a table wine I didn’t think it was too shabby.  Not a special occasion wine but I think it’ll be nice for quick dinners during the week.  What do you look for in a wine?  Do you prefer red or white?

For dessert this week I’m trying some Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Sonny’s Ice Cream right here in Minneapolis.  YUM!  I really don’t know how this could be anything but good.  I’m able to grab it at the co-op too, so it’ll be nice and convenient to keep trying new flavors:)

3 thoughts on “wine and ice cream

  1. by far a wine expert…so when I shop for wine I look for fun bottles and/or cute labels. Sometimes they taste good, sometimes they don’t. 😉

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