Peanut Butter Bacon Chocolate

I was flying blind in making my flavored chocolate.  I’m not a trained chocolatier by any means but I was hoping my experience in making goodies for birthdays and the holidays would help me out.

To get the flavor I wanted in the  chocolate, I started with my bacon.  I bought the bacon from Clancy’s.  It’s the first time I’ve gotten bacon from them and I was pretty impressed!  It didn’t have a overly sweet maple flavor and didn’t shrivel up like a lot of store bought bacon I’ve had in the past.

To get it ready for the chocolate, I fried it on the stove until it was nice and crispy.  It’s really important that you get the bacon good and crispy.  You don’t want to have a chewy piece in the middle of your chocolate, it’s a little off-putting….  Then, I dabbed them off with a paper towel to get rid of extra grease and then chopped it up in to mini pieces.  The pups were very interested in helping at this point.

Once I set the bacon aside I got a double boiler set up to melt the chocolate.  I used 2 cups of semi sweet chocolate chips and one cup of peanut butter.  I kept the chocolate moving until the peanut butter was all mixed in and the chocolate was smooth with no lumps.  Then I added my bacon (ended up being about 3/4 cups) and a dash of salt.

Once it was well mixed into the chocolate, I spread the chocolate out on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil.  I let it cool on the counter for a little while and then put it in the fridge to harden to cut into bars later.

The final product was tasty!  I made a second batch of just chocolate peanut butter as well.  It stores well in the fridge, however I wouldn’t keep the bacon for more than a week.  The peanut butter you could keep longer but you shouldn’t have to worry about it sticking around for too long anyway:)

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