Grandma and Graham Crackers

Hi All,
Sorry for the delay on finishing out the s’mores posts.  We had  a rough week last week.  My Grandma passed away on Monday of last week so we spent most of the week back at home with family.  She’ll be missed but I’ll always remember her when I’m in the kitchen.  I don’t know how many times we spent the afternoon after school making cookies or mashed potatoes:)  Love you Grandma.

Now, on to the graham crackers…..
I got the recipe from ‘Jam it, Pickle it, Jar it’ again.  It was conveniently located just a few pages past the marshmallow recipe.  It called for minimal ingredients and I was a little surprised that it didn’t call for eggs, but I guess it’s my first time making crackers too.  What are you gonna do…

The cracker dough was gooey and smelled like graham crackers right from the start.   The most difficult part was rolling the dough out in a rectangular shape to cut into crackers.  I had to do a couple of patch jobs to make sure I had enough to cut.  I also learned that when the recipe says to roll it out to a quarter of an inch thick, you should really double check and make sure it’s a quarter of an inch thick.  The graham crackers tasted fine, but they were more chewy than crunchy.  I’ll know better next time.

I hope you all had a good Memorial Day Weekend!  Summer is officially here!!

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