Lamb Merguez

Grilling season has officially begun, and as much as I love your basic cheeseburger, I wanted to try something new.  Enter the lamb merguez patties.  Clancey’s had them in the case and they came highly recommended.  Lamb Merguez is traditionally a North African sausage.  It’s commonly spiced with things like garlic, cumin, paprika and chili flakes.  That mixture of spices is what gives it the brighter red color which stays with the meat through cooking.

Since this was a new food for us, I kept the burger plain to really get a taste for it.  As you’d expect it had a little bit o f a kick to it but not anything too over powering.  Since the meat stays pretty red, I recommend using a meat thermometer on these for sure so you don’t over cook them.  It will definitely be getting a spot in the grilling rotation.  I think I would try it with some sort of soft cheese next time around like goat cheese or even cream cheese and chives.

Do any of you have a fun way to change up your cheeseburgers?  Any surprising combinations you’ve tried?

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