CSA Salad

We had our first delivery from Treasure Haven Farms CSA last Thursday.  It was a little bit slim for the first delivery.  It’s been a pretty chilly spring in Minnesota so the veggies have been a little behind in getting started.  We did get some cute little radishes and parsnips in our first delivery though!

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had either, especially so fresh from the farm.  We chopped them up and mixed them in with our bag of mixed salad greens.  It gave the salad a nice little peppery taste, yum!

This is the first time we’ve signed up for a CSA and we signed up for a half bushel every other week delivery so we won’t get more until next week Thursday.  Word is there might be some broccoli in the mix though, fingers crossed!  The best part is you’re getting a box full of local, organic produce brought right to you from the farm.  Doesn’t get much easier than that!

2 thoughts on “CSA Salad

    • CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. There are a bunch available up here. You can get fruit only, meat shares and dairy shares too depending on what you have near by.

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