Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Hi Everyone!  I hope you all had a fun holiday weekend!  With all the treats we were having this weekend I thought I’d share our homemade ice cream experiment with you.  The Hubs has been making homemade ice cream the last couple of years and since we’ve nailed vanilla we like to try and mix in some new flavors every once in awhile.  We recently had some salted caramel ice cream from Izzy’s in St. Paul and thought we’d try and replicate it at home.

making ice cream like a champ

We started out with a basic vanilla recipe like this one here.  We used local Cedar Summit Farm milk and cream to make the base.  We have an electric ice cream maker, if you do a search for ice cream recipes online, check to see if it’s for electronic or manual.  While Hubs took care of that I started up on the caramel sauce.  We picked a recipe that made a sauce instead of a candy.  It made it much easier to mix in while the ice cream was still soft and mixing.

Making the caramel was more work than I expected.  I made a couple batches of caramel candies with my sister in law over Christmas last year and since that went off without a hitch I thought the sauce would be just as easy.  I thought wrong.  After a recipe change and a couple of burnt batches we finally got something we could use.  Kudos to anyone out there who can rock out batches of candy at a moments notice.  Here’s the recipe I ended up using.

burned batch on the back burner getting ready to try again

When that batch was ready we added in a few pinches of chunkier sea salt.  You should taste it as you go to make sure you’re getting the right balance of sweet and salty.  Then we mixed it right in to the ice cream before popping it in the freezer to set.  We added it in slowly bit by bit so it would make caramel swirls in the vanilla.

It turned out pretty well.  There was a little bit of settling of the caramel to the bottom, but we still had a good vanilla ice cream to caramel ratio.  You could still taste the salt in the caramel and it was perfect for eating on the back patio after dinner.

Do you have any special treats you like to make or eat for the 4th?  Any other special ice cream flavors you’d like to recreate?

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