Wise Acre Eatery

Last weekend for my birthday the Hubs and I tried another new restaurant that features local food and is practically next door.  Wise Acre Eatery opened up earlier this year and has a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You can find their full menu and hours here.

Their staff was really knowledgeable of every dish on the menu including what farms many of the ingredients came from.  I was impressed but overwhelmed with some of the knowledge.  It reminded me a little of this clip, only, I don’t think either of us asked any questions….

For our entree I got the Maple Rhubarb-Braised Beef that came with carrot chive mashers and basil sugar snap peas.  The cuts of beef varied based on what they received from the farm that day.  All that was left that day was tenderloin but if you get there earlier it sounds like you can pick what you’d like.  It was a little pinker than I usually go for ( this is coming from someone who likes most everything well done..) but one bite and I was sold.  The Maple Rhubarb glaze was just sweet enough and the carrot chive mashers were perfectly creamy.  I wasn’t sure if the carrots would be chunky pieces or not but everything was well blended.  The sugar snap peas were good too, but I didn’t get much basil from it.

The Hubs got the Dill Pickle Fried Chicken that came with black strap molasses carrots and a cheddar biscuit with shallot marmalade.  I’m not a fan of pickles but I tried a piece of the chicken anyway.  It was really good!  The breading was really crispy and the dill pickle flavor was there but balanced out by the chicken for sure.  I also stole a bite of the cheddar biscuit and marmalade.  It was a taste-y mix of savory and a little sweet.  If it tells you anything, that plate was completely cleaned by the time we ordered dessert.

For dessert we both went for the homemade custard.  I got the special of the night which was a vanilla custard with fresh strawberries and a maple syrup sauce in a waffle cone bowl.  The strawberries were perfectly ripe and the maple syrup sauce was nice and light.  The Hubs got the Hot Fudge Blonde Brownie Sunday.  His came with vanilla custard as well and was topped with hot fudge sauce and chunks of chocolate brownie.  It was served in a mini mason jar, so it got cute points too:)

I definitely want to go back and check them out.  As the seasons change, I’m curious to see how the menu updates.  They also had a window and bakery at the front counter so even if you don’t have time for a full meal you could try something to go.  Hope you like it!

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