Our Garden

One thing I haven’t really touched on yet is what the Hubs and I have been growing in our own backyard.  This is our 3rd year having a vegetable garden in the backyard and over the last 2 years we’ve gotten a better idea of what we can and can’t have success with:)  In the past we’ve done a large variety of veggies including carrots, green beans, peas, green peppers, zucchini and tomatoes.  The zucchini and tomatoes have always done well for us.  Carrots and green peppers always stayed pretty puny and we didn’t have enough room for more than a servings worth of peas and green beans.

This year we cut our losses and stuck with what does well, tomatoes and squash.  We planted a range of tomatoes: cherry, roma, beefsteak and a german heritage variety.  For the squash we stuck with zucchini and yellow summer squash that worked in the past, as well as added in acorn and butternut squash so we’d have something to enjoy later in the year.  We haven’t had a whole lot of produce yet.  With the chilly start to the year, the tomatoes are just starting to turn on and we’ve gotten about 4 cherry tomatoes and 1 roma.  The squash is really starting to spread out and I’m really looking forward to seeing how much we get.

What I’m most excited about this year though, is our berries.  We planted 4 blueberry bushes and 5 raspberry bushes at the end of last year.  Our blueberry bushes still look pretty puny but our raspberries have really taken off!  They’ve just started to ripen and I’m seeing some homemade jam in my future:)

Do any of you have gardens?  What are you growing this year?  Anything that grows well for you?

3 thoughts on “Our Garden

  1. I don’t know much about how things grow, and where they grow best, etc. But I can’t believe the green beans didn’t work for you!? My green beans exploded last year and I am still eating the ones I froze.

  2. I’m so jealous that you have space for a garden, and can actually grow things in said garden. I tried a tomato plant a few years back…it never made it and I’ve been afraid to try anything else. Tulips and Hens and Chickens though – they like my yard very much 🙂

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