CSA Update

We’ve had a couple more deliveries of vegetables from the CSA over the last couple of weeks.  We’ve gotten a good mix so far.  Everything from mixed lettuce and arugula to new potatoes and summer squash.  While it’s been great getting a box of fresh veggies every other week, it just hasn’t been enough veggies to get us through many meals.  Next year I’ll be signing us up for a larger, more frequent delivery for sure.

What I’ve been most excited about is trying something new.  Last time the Hubs picked up the veggies I got a text message saying “what is this?” and a picture of a weird looking green ball.  Better known as a kohlrabi.

After doing a little bit of searching online, we decided to cut it up raw and put it in the salad.  It was a pretty small little guy and we thought it was better to mix it in the salad rather than try to serve it as it’s own side dish.  As intimidating as it looked coming right out of the box, it tasted familiar, really similar to brocolli stems.

I’m hoping for a few more veggies like this to come through.  It’s a good way to try something I might otherwise skip over at the grocery store.  We get a new box on Thursday this week so we’ll see if there are any gems tucked in with the regulars.

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