CSA Zucchini Bread

Hi Everyone!  I hope you’re having a good summer.  I can’t believe we’re halfway through August already!  It’s going way to fast for me.

Our last CSA delivery was really full and along with the usual salad mix, we got about 20 pounds of squash!  Ok, that might be an exaggeration….  We’ve eaten quite a bit of it, but we still have more to go before the next delivery.  To keep us from eating it  for every lunch and dinner, I consulted my old friend Betty Crocker for a good zucchini bread recipe.

The recipe called for 3 cups of shredded squash and I was able to get that before I was two thirds through one zucchini.  To that I added the flour, sugar, vanilla and local eggs along with a few nuts and spices.

The smell of the bread baking was so great!  It reminded me of summer back at home when my dad would bring in a 5 gallon buckets of them from the garden and get to cooking.

We still have yet to get any squash from our garden in the backyard but I’m planning on making and freezing a few loafs for us to eat after the garden is done for the year.  I’m also thinking I’ll have to find a few more ideas for all the squash thats still to come:)

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