Penne with Roasted Tomato and Corn

Tomatoes and sweet corn have been on fire lately.  There’s a new handful of cherry tomatoes every night we check the garden and sweet corn is piled high on the table of just about every farmer’s market.  However, even with all this sweet corn, I still don’t think it measures up to the sweet corn from home in Iowa:)

My parents sent some fresh and frozen up with my in-laws a couple of weeks ago.  Mmmmm sweet buttery perfection.  But back to the pasta…  I got the recipe online from Food52.  The tomatoes coming out of the oven looked amazing and bright.

After I got the tomatoes, corn and pasta mixed up, I drizzled some of the tomato oil over the pasta with salt and pepper per the recipe.

It makes a TON.  We split it up to bring to work for lunches this past week, and have been topping off the containers with parmesan cheese so we get freshly melted cheese at lunch.  Yum!

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