Zucchini Fritters

With the excess of zucchini we’ve had lately I’ve been making zucchini bread like crazy and grilling slices of it brushed in olive oil for dinner.  We still have quite a bit of zucchini yet to come so I’ve started combing my cookbooks and online for recipes that are new but also fairly easy to throw together.

Needless to say I was super happy to find this post for zucchini fritters on Smitten Kitchen earlier this week.  Her pictures sold me on it instantly.  I made a few changes based on what I had on hand, I’ll fill you in as I go.

I started right up shredding my squash into a bowl per the directions.  I had just finished a zucchini and was slightly shy of the 1 pound the recipe calls for but I just went with it instead of cutting into a new one to finish it off.

From there, I added the salt called for and let the zucchini rest for 10 minutes.  When it was done I emptied the bowl into a flour sack towel and twisted it up to strain out all the liquid.  I was surprised how much was in there.  It was kind of fun to do though:)

After draining, the recipe called for 2 scallions sliced.  I didn’t have any on hand so I went for a shallot we had from the CSA and crossed my fingers that the zucchini wouldn’t know one member of the onion family from the other.  Then I added the egg and pepper and mixed it up.

Once the zucchini mixture looked well blended, I added the flour and baking powder per the directions.  When it was thoroughly mixed up, I started the oil heating on the stove.

I let it heat for a bit until the oil was really hot and almost starting to smoke.  The recipe calls for the oil to be ‘shimmering’ but I’m never sure the difference between oil when its just warm enough to run around the pan and shimmering.  Any tips???

Next up I started cooking my fritters.  I did one on its own to start to make sure I got the temperature right.  I was so excited to see it start browning just like she said it would:)  There’s something very satisfying about getting a recipe right!

Once the first one was finished I started spooning out the rest of them.  Using two large tablespoons made portioning them out really easy and kept the mess to a minimum.

After I finished frying the fritters I popped them in the oven to keep warm.  Timing was perfect, the Hubs was still working on grilling up some pork chops so I was able to get the 10 minutes recommended from Smitten Kitchen for a crisp finish.

For the sour cream topping I had to do some fudging.  We had sour cream, but definitely not a cup left.  No fresh lemon either, so I just used some lemon juice from the fridge, garlic salt, and minced dried onion.  I thought a whole clove of garlic in maybe 1/2 a cup of sour cream would be to overpowering.  I added a little of each and tasted as I went until I thought I had a good mix.  It tasted just a little bit like sour cream and onion dip but you could taste the lemon coming through.

We had the fritters with the pork chops and a simple salad.  The fritters were so good!  They were a little crispy on the outside and the center was rich and creamy.  Next time around I’m going to try getting just a little more water out of the zucchini to see if I can get them just a little crispier, but i’m excited to try some different variations of fritters.  I’m thinking something with parmesan cheese… 🙂

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