Zucchini Chips

Even though summer has been making a little bit of a comeback this week, our garden has already been preparing itself for winter.  Everything has started to slow down and stop producing for the most part with the exception of some late raspberries and butternut squash.  We were surprised and happy to see we had one more taste of summer in the garden.  Just one tiny zucchini hanging on until the end.  Instead of throwing him on the grill or in a pan, I thought we’d try something a little different and make oven baked zucchini chips.

I found the recipe online at myrecipes.com.  You can check it out right here.  Since it called for 2 small zucchini, we supplemented the last little bit with a tiny yellow crookneck squash from the yard and ended up with just the right amount.

After I chopped those up, I mixed 1/4 cup parmesean cheese, 1/4 cup breadcrumbs, 1/4 tsp kosher salt, 1/4 tsp garlic powder and 1/8 tsp black pepper.  We didn’t have any dried breadcrumbs on hand so I whipped up a small batch by putting a couple of slices of bread through the food processor and then spreading them out on a baking sheet while the oven pre-heated for the chips.  You’ll want to keep an eye on them, they can burn really fast if you forget about them.

With the cheese mixture all ready to go, I started dipping my zucchini slices in milk (I used a bit more than the recipe called for, just a good sized glug in a small bowl) and then the cheese mix to get a nice even coating.  I found out pretty quick you get more cheese mix on your squash if you use one hand for dipping in milk and the other hand for dipping in the cheese.

When they were all dipped and coated, I spread them out evenly on a couple of racks on top of a baking sheet.  I put them in oven for 30 minutes but checked them a couple of times through the cooking process.  As the squash cooks it shrinks up a little bit so they can slip in between the racks.

They came out nice and golden with a crispy, crunchy outside.  They had a little bit of a spicy taste to them from the garlic powder and pepper.  It was a step up from regular old chips, that’s for sure.  I’ll be bringing this back out next year for zucchini season again for sure.

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