New Year, New Blog

Hi There!  Remember me?  I hope you all have been enjoying some time off for the holidays.

With the New Year starting up almost everyone is talking about their New Year’s resolutions and reflecting on what they did or didn’t accomplish the during 2011.  For me, I was really excited that I was able to get this blog up and running and even more excited when I had a comment or two that wasn’t from a family member or friend (although all of your comments are very much appreciated, I promise).  Things I wasn’t so excited about was my uncanny ability to go for weeks without updating.  That’s why I’m working on some changes for the upcoming year.

1.  I’m going to try and update you a few times a week.  I’m goaling for 3.  Feel free to call me on any disappearing acts….

2. I’m going to introduce some monthly post ideas.  First up will be a dessert of the month, yum!  I’ll reveal more as I go and if you have anything you would like to see please share!  Even if it’s not a monthly feature, I’m always excited about new ideas.

3. New logo.  I’m working with a dear friend here in Twin Cities, Catherine Polaceck of Printerette Press on a fun logo for the site.  You should check her out!  Find her site right here.

4. New blog design.  This will becoming along later but it should make navigating the blog easier as well as include some fun new features like restaurant lists, places to shop and more.

5. Kitchen projects.  It’ll help me keep things more organized and hopefully get me to finish things in a more timely manor.  First up, re-repainting the kitchen cabinets.  Yup, re-repainting….

I think that puts me off to a good start.

Thank you to everyone that takes the time to stop by and read what I have to say. It’s what makes me want to keep working on the blog to make it better and better.  I hope you and your families all have had a Happy Holiday season and I wish you wall the best in the New Year!

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