Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

I wanted to stop in and share a good reference book about how to eat locally in your community.  Animal, Vegetable, Miracle follows Barbra Kingsolver and her family through a year of living only off of what they grow themselves or what they’re able to buy locally.  Along with the story of their day to day life, she includes recipes for homemade bread and pizza as well as how they made their own cheese.

It kept me interested in keeping up trying to eat locally even after growing season ended and winter (tried) to set in.  She also has a website that includes all of the recipes, resources for eating locally, and an update on how they’re doing after the first year of eating locally.  After reading it I wanted to move to my own acreage and start my own farm complete with chickens, goats and bees.  Check out her site here.

Hope you all have a good weekend!  I’ll be back Monday with a new project I’m working on.

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