Garden Planning

The Hubs and I are starting to think about what we’ll be planting in the backyard this spring.  I would really like to expand our veggies past tomatoes, zucchini and winter squash but I’m not sure how much we really want to section off more of the yard from the dogs too.

last year's garden in all it's glory

One thing I definitely want to try again is fresh herbs.  You can see my last attempt in the photo below.  Don’t they look great?  Well, that’s because I bought them that full and planted them in their pots that day.  We ended up using some rosemary from that attempt but for the most part they all dried up and died.  I think I’ll try cilantro, basil, rosemary, thyme, mint and parsley.  I would like to try some lavender too just for looks and fragrance:)

Either way we’ll be looking for seeds soon and have to start figuring out a game plan for starting seedlings, prepping the backyard and planting.  Once I know the plan I hope to share the calendar here on the blog so you can see what we’re up to.

One thought on “Garden Planning

  1. If you want to try something easy…potatoes! mmmmmmmm think of the possibilites! I had horrible luck with potted herbs. I planted my mint and basil last year in a strip near the front door in the ground and they did beautifully. Maybe try a bigger pot??

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