Garden Planning- New Herb Garden

Besides destroying my kitchen with dirty pots and pans this weekend, we also got part of our garden planned.  Yeah!!!!

Right now this part of the ‘garden’ is reserved for dead plants that the people who owned the house before us planted that we didn’t take care of and, well, dog poo.  One of the realities of pet ownership.

This summer (fingers crossed) it will be full of blueberries, herbs, and asparagus (well, in a couple years not this summer).  We’re transplanting the blueberries from a spot by the garage where they haven’t been getting enough sun.  Hopefully the transplant will do it some good.

We used the grid to make everything to scale.  The size of each dot matches back to how much room the plants will end up needing.  I’m hoping to have the rest figured out this week so we can get seeds going:)

3 thoughts on “Garden Planning- New Herb Garden

  1. Paul turned down my request to have blueberries. I was majorly bummed. He said they are too much work and the soil has to be just right and yada yada yada… I was very much for blueberry pie.

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