Markets are Opening!

It’s hard to think about browsing for fresh produce in a farmers market after the nasty mix of snow and rain we had over the last couple of days but they’re gearing up!  My go to farmer’s market, Fulton Farmers Market,  is starting sell a few items indoors.  I’m going to be checking them out over the next couple of weeks to see what there is to choose from.  I’m hoping with the warm winter we’ve had there will be some fresh asparagus sooner than last year.

It also got me thinking about signing up for a CSA again.  We’re going to have to figure out our strategy for how much we want on a weekly basis and what farm we’d like to get our veggies from.  I’m going to browse to check out some options and see who would be our best bet.

Local Harvest is a good place for you to check out both CSA’s and Farmer’s Markets in your area.  They also have some more info about how CSA’s work and what they’re all about.  It’s good to sign up early to make sure they have enough produce for you.


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