I’m Back!

Hey Guys!
I’m finally back with a new look and some new features.
You can see a little info about yours truly in the about tab,  my ‘perfect world’ garden calendar (I’ll try and stick as close to that as possible), and tabs for both recipes and places to check out here in the twin cities.  The last two tabs will grow over time.  I’ll add more places as I go out and do some exploring and I’ll add recipes as I try to develop my own 🙂  I’m most excited about that.  I’ll still feature other recipes, but I’m going to start experimenting with some new ideas and we’ll see how it goes.  I’ll have more updates about what I’ve been up to this last month over the week, including bottling the beer we brewed in February, but for tonight, I’ll give you the latest on the garden.

About 2 weeks ago we received our seeds in the mail.  With the unseasonably warm weather, it’s been hard to not get ahead of ourselves and start planting right away, but this is Minnesota and I’ve seen snow in May.  The first thing we can do is start tomatoes inside.

We used an old plastic egg cartons that we poked holes in the bottom of for drainage.

Then we filled them with about a 50/50 mix of dirt from the garden and compost.

We planted the seeds about .25″ deep per the directions and kept it to one type of tomato per carton.

We used a spray bottle to water them the first time, I was worried we’d flush out the dirt if we poured anything on them directly.  The Hubs had the idea to use the extra plastic carton piece to put underneath to catch any draining water, smarty pants.

Then we labeled them and put them in a warm, dark corner of the closet to get started.  We’ll water and check on them daily to make sure they’re staying damp and check for sprouts.  I’ll post pics of the first one!

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