Garden Update- Blueberries

Hi!  I hope you all had a good Holiday weekend!
Ours started out pretty wet and our plans to get out and work on the garden on Saturday were delayed until Sunday afternoon. We got our blueberry bushes transplanted Sunday afternoon and most of the fence put up.  A couple of them are looking pretty sad and may need to be re-placed.  I’m hoping now that they aren’t sharing a small space with overbearing raspberries they’ll have more of a fighting chance.  We gave them a little extra water and love to give them a boost.

We’ll need to get a bit more to make it all the way around the new area.  On the plus side, I mis-measured the length so we’ve got an extra couple of feet to work with, WHOOP WHOOP!  I’ll be spending evenings this week figuring out what to add in.


In other news…….


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