Garden Update- Container Gardening

I filled you in on Monday about my mis-calculation of space in our new gardening area.  Well, it’s still a bit of a work in progress but here’s the latest idea I’ve worked up.  We added in more asparagus and are thinking about adding rosemary into the mix. We need to do a little more thorough measuring along the curved edge to see what more we can really fit.  Hope to have that all finished so we can start getting seeds in the ground over the next couple of weekends.

We’re also going to take a shot at some container gardening.  I found this link (thank you pinterest) a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be a way for us to try growing potatoes and onions.  They’re vegetables I’d like to have on hand but we have to be careful because both onions and potatoes are dangerous for dogs to get ahold of.  Growing them with this method makes me think I’ll be able to get a good harvest with minimal space.  Fingers crossed.  We’ll head out to search for some starter kits this weekend.


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