Food Photography Class- 4th and Final

Hope you had a good weekend!
Sunday afternoon was my last installment of photography class at Kitchen in the Market.  I apologize if this post is taking forever to load!  I’ve enjoyed going to class each month and was a little disappointed it was ending, however, Kitchen in the Market announced they’ll be doing another photography series this summer!   I highly recommend it.  Besides the full stomach, photographer  Amber Procaccini gives lots of information on composition, lighting and camera settings. There are rumors of food truck outings and farm visits:)  More details to come, but you see a list of all their classes here.

Any who… back to class.  We started the day with a glass of champagne and appetizers.  I know, tough day…   The appetizer was a plate of veggies and hardboiled quail eggs to dip in vodka and then one of three salts.

To follow that up, we had a black tea spice rubbed pork loin with mini polenta cakes topped with a cherry and apricot chutney.  So, so good!

Last of all we had some lemon, rosemary shortbread cookies.  I thought I was doing really well, I cut myself off at two cookies and the platter was pretty much empty… Then they put a full plate of cookies fresh from the oven right in front of me.  It was all over, if only sweatpants were office appropriate.

Besides just stuffing our faces with food between photos, we also had the chance to listen to Stephanie Meyer of Fresh Tart and Stephanie March of Mpls St. Paul Magazine.  They spoke to us about the do’s and don’ts of photographing food, citing your inspiration and increasing readership.  I left with new ideas of how to improve the blog and can’t wait to get started!

Have a great week!  I’m gonna go vacuum the cookie crumbs out of my purse.

2 thoughts on “Food Photography Class- 4th and Final

  1. Great photos! And what a great idea to stash some cookies in your purse! They were yummy! Quick photo question: for the above shots of the radishes and spices did you get that close with your camera or did you crop them?

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