Morel Mushrooms 2 ways

I wanted to get as much milage as I could out of the morel mushrooms I picked up at the farmers market.  I’ve never cooked with them before so I wanted to try a a couple of dishes one simple and one a bit more complicated.

Tuesday was fast and simple, just sautéing them in butter:)  Topping off a steak right of the grill with buttery mushrooms was a perfect way to elevate a regular Tuesday dinner a bit with minimal effort.

Wednesday took a little more time and effort.  I made Wild Mushroom and Farro Risotto using the recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon.  It also gave me a chance to try cooking with farro, a whole grain that is similar to rice in preparation but just a touch on the healthier side.  I followed their recipe pretty much to the T.  We used dried porcini mushrooms in place of chanterelle just based on what was available at the Co-ops.

While the mushrooms were re-hydrating, I started the chicken broth simmering on the stove.

Then jumped into the onions and garlic.

When the onions were translucent, I added in the farro to start toasting.

After about 5 minutes I added the wine, super steamy goodness

When it was almost all evaporated, I started adding in the chicken broth a ladle full at a time as it absorbed and cooked.  Like cooking any other risotto it took a bit of time for each addition to absorb and cook off .  I’ll spare you the pictures of each addition of broth.

After the last of the broth had been added and cooked for a bit, I started tasting for doneness.  When still had a little bite too it, per the recipe, I added in the mascarpone and Parmesan cheese and stirred until it had melted and been mixed in completely.

With the farro done, I turned back to the mushrooms.  I drained them and then sauteed them in olive oil before adding them into the cheesey farro.

We topped our bowls off with a bit more Parmesan and dug in.  It was so creamy and delicious!  The recipe said it would make 3-5 servings and we just about polished it all off before we got too full.  I was pretty pleased with how the two dishes turned out and really glad I got to try cooking with a couple of new things this week.  It makes me look forward to heading back out this weekend to see if there’s anything else new for me to try.

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