Drink of the Month- Manhattan

I’ve been meaning to start a Drink of the Month post for awhile now and after a few too many late nights at work last week I thought this was the perfect time to get it going.  I thought I’d start off with a classic cocktail, The Manhattan.  Drinks like this are making a bit of a comeback thanks to the new season of Mad Men, although I’m not quite ready to go drink for drink with Don.


To make my Manhattan, I used some almost local whiskey, Templeton Rye.  Templeton Rye is stilled in Templeton Iowa, and close to my hometown.  I know at least one person out there is going to consider it sacrilegious that I used Templeton Rye to make a mixed drink, my apologies.  It’s only available in 4 states, and even then not in every liquor store, but if you ever come across I highly recommend picking some up.  They have their own recipes if you check out their site, but I used the recipe below.  Be warned, it goes down smooth.


1 parts vermouth
2 part rye whiskey
3 dashes of Angostura bitters
3 dashes of simple syrup

stir well and serve over ice

3 thoughts on “Drink of the Month- Manhattan

  1. I love Templeton Rye and I love Manhattans’s! Win, win. I do like a cherry in mine for color though. We seriously need to cook and drink Manhattans one night.

  2. PS – I think using the good stuff for cocktails is a good idea. Especially the next day – it is smooth going down and for getting up. Just like wine, you should only cook with a wine you would drink and enjoy. Cheers Heidi!

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