Garden Update- Sprouting *Update*

Where did the last week go?  I had a busy/late week at work and then my parents were up over the weekend.  The week went by in a flash and all of my best intentions of posting got passed up for dinners of popcorn and frozen pizza at 9pm while watching a bit of TV just pooped.  Things seem to be slowing down a bit though so hopefully we can get back to business as usual.

Since it’s been a couple of weeks I thought I’d show you how our container veggies are doing…

Huge onions

Potatoes well on their way

Carrots are sprouting too

Tomatoes aren’t quite doing as well as we’d hope.  A couple might be ok to plant but we’re debating on whether or not we should bite the bullet and buy some plants at a greenhouse.  We’ll see how they look toward the end of the week.

Hope you all are getting to enjoy some warm spring weather!  See you soon!


UPDATE: Sorry for posting without pictures.  Had a few issues on the tech side of things.  To make it up to you here’s a friendly visitor we’ve had in the backyard since the pups have been banned while we’re re-seeding.  Isn’t he CUTE!  He didn’t like me sneaking around the yard to take pictures of him, I promise he’s not stuck inside our garden  just outside the fence:)

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