My Secret Shame

Ok, so that title is a little intense.  For one it’s not so much a secret if you’ve either been in my house or heard me talk about this at work over the last year or so….
But for the rest of you, I’m in the middle of the longest home improvement project ever.  Re-re-painting my cabinets.  When we moved in, almost 4 years ago, we did a mini kitchen makeover.  We put in new countertops, sink, a tile backsplash, and re-painted the cabinets the first time.  We tried to do the all of the cabinets at once over Labor Day weekend.  Since we wanted to be done before we went back to work that week we really rushed ourselves and didn’t allow for full drying and probably didn’t sand it well enough.  The end result were white cabinets complete with newspaper marks on the interior and chips and scratches within the first week.

I’d been living with it up until last summer when I was finally fed up with it and thought after all that work we should have decent looking cabinets to go with the rest of the updates.  Last summer I started on one end of the kitchen and made a goal to take my time doing a bit at a time each weekend until I was completely done with doors and bases, target date Thanksgiving 2011.  Well, this is what it’s looked like since then….

I got 11 doors/drawer fronts done and 5 are still sitting in the garage waiting for the last coat of sealant.  Yup, they’re basically done, but I never finished that last step before I could bring them inside.  No good reason, just got lazy.  Now that it’s May I really can’t say I’m worried about it being to cold for the paint to dry, not that I could in March either with the record heat….whatever.  With that, I’m announcing here and now that I will start again this weekend and hope to be done by Labor Day of this year.  Ugh….  I’ll let you know how it goes

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