Busy Weekend

After my post last week about cabinets you’d think I’d hop right on that project and get to work.  Nope.  Didn’t even touch ’em.

I was up before 8 am on Saturday morning to get a good selection at the Fulton Farmers Market.  It was opening weekend and by the open at 8:30 the place was packed.  We did a quick walk through to see what we were working with, then went back and made our selections.

We picked up spring salad mix, breakfast radishes and swiss chard from Uproot Farm.  We dug into the salad mix right away this weekend.  Still have the chard and radishes to eat yet.  You can learn more about the farm here.  They have a handy tab for recipes by vegetable they grow.  I’ll probably be browsing that for some ideas over the summer.

We also picked up some plants from Gardens of Egan, a farm based out of Farmington, MN.  From the looks of it they’ll have fresh produce later this year but also a great place to pick up organic flowers and veggies for your yard.  Our herbs and tomato seedling just haven’t gotten started this year.  I think we may have started to late this year, we’ll know better next time around.  We picked up 9 tomato plants, basil, parsley, cilantro, and thyme.

Finally, we treated ourselves to some breakfast to go by way of Patisserie 46.  They had one of the busiest stands due to their spread of irresistible pastries.  We picked up a couple of croissants and called it a day.  It’s still a little early to find a wide range of fruits and veggies, but I’m interested in checking out some of the pickles and jams some of the other vendors were offering as well as some of the other croissants varieties…

When we got home we really got to work.  We planted all of the herbs and tomatoes and also put up a canopy of patio lights.  It doesn’t sound like much written out, but we were in the back yard from about 10:30-7 or so.  We got inside about 5 minutes before we got hit by a thunderstorm that started with hail:(  UGH  We lost about 5 lights to the hail but the plants looked pretty good.

The lights aren’t too shabby either.  I think we’ll have some fun nights chilling out on the patio with a beer or wine.

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