Recipe- Swiss Chard Side

As you may remember, the weekend before last I picked up some swiss chard from the farmer’s market.  I knew I wanted to cook it as a side so I went with my old standby way of preparing cooked spinach to see if we’d like it.  I used a little over half a bunch of chard.  We waited until toward the end of the week so I ended up pulling out a few of the leaves. First up, I cleaned the leaves and trimmed down the ends of the stems.  You can eat the stem but you want to cut them down so you get rid of the more woody pieces. Next, I cut the leaves and stems down to more manageable pieces.  I rolled the leaves like I would to do a chiffonade cut and cut them down to pieces about an inch or so wide. When they were all cut up, I heated up some olive oil in the pan at medium heat (about 2 tablespoons, just eyeballing) and added a chopped up clove of garlic. After it had cooked long enough to be fragrant, I added in my leaves and put the lid on. I left it alone for around 3 minutes before using tongs to move the leaves around and flip them to make sure it was cooking evenly, then put the lid back on for another 3 minutes and removed it from the heat. We ate the chard with steak and potatoes from the grill.  On the whole it was really similar to cooked spinach with a slightly different flavor, just a little bit sweeter.  I’m thinking about loading up on some this week and trying to freeze some cooked like you would find frozen cooked spinach in the grocery store.  I’m going to do some more research on it to see if there are any good tips out there.  I’ll keep you posted on what I find out. I’ll be back this weekend with some boozy dessert!

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