Blog of the Month- WVFarm2U, West Virginia’s Farm to Consumer Connection

I like to think I’ve done a really good job of adding more local food to my grocery list and become more conscious of where we go out to eat and their offerings.  However, I don’t really talk about why it’s important to me or why I think it’s important.  Mainly, I don’t feel like I’m enough of an expert to talk about and debate the different reasons why you may or may not choose to focus on eating locally.  That’s why I enjoy reading blog posts from West Virginia’s Farm to Consumer Connection: WVFarm2U.  They have posts on everything from preserving berries, what people in their community are doing to eat local and new USDA reports on organic foods.

Fresh Blueberries from wvfarm2u

Reading their posts keep me excited about keeping the ‘ Eat Local’ mind set and also inspire me to try new ways of preserving and preparing foods.  However you feel, check them out and read a few posts.  Hopefully you’ll find something inspiring too!

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