Fresh Tomato Pasta

First thing this morning when I logged on to Pinterest, I found this beauty and knew I wanted to make it ASAP.  However, I also knew we had our first hand full of cherry tomatoes and wanted to give them a place in our dinner, so I altered a few things to make it work for us.  Also, we’re out of bread right now (getting ready for vacay = no grocery shopping this weekend) so I subbed in some parmesan for the bread crumbs.  This photo was probably the hardest part of prepping dinner tonight.


While pasta was boiling and cooking, I started my cherry tomatoes on the stove in some olive oil.  I like cooking them in the oil over medium heat until they start to pop and the juices from the tomato mix into the olive oil.

While they were sizzling, I chopped up some parsley I’d just picked fresh from the backyard.  By then both the pasta and the tomatoes were done so I drained the pasta and added in the tomatoes

Then the parmesan

Last, the parsley.

I gave it a good mix and salt and peppered the dish.  I used garlic salt in place of the garlic powder called for.

Then I dished it up and added another sprinkle or two of cheese and called it a day.  So easy for a Monday night!  I think next time around I’ll add some fresh garlic to the pan with the tomatoes.  I didn’t think we were getting enough garlic flavor from the salt.  I think we could sub out the tomatoes for some chopped up zucchini or squash later on this summer too.  As easy as it is to put together, it’ll be served up pretty regularly around here.

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