Container Gardening- The Good, The Bad and The Squishy

Earlier this week The Hubs and I dug in (literally) to our garbage tubs to see what we had for potatoes and onions.  Since I last shared photos, the onion greens had really shriveled up and our potato leaves had started to brown too.  Both signs that they were finished and ready to dig up.

The Good: The potatoes.  I was a little nervous about how many we would get.  We didn’t ever add the third load of dirt we were supposed to according to the directions we’d found online, and with our extra hot summer, I was afraid the browning we took for ‘finished potatoes’ was actually ‘I’m thirsty, why aren’t you watering me?’.  Thank goodness the former was true.  We didn’t quite make the 100 pounds of potatoes I was hoping for, but we have a pretty full bowl and a range of sizes.  It turned into a bit of a treasure hunt to sift through the dirt, plans and rocks at the bottom, I thought it was fun.  I’d give it another shot next year with the third load of dirt and see how much of an increase we get.

The Bad:  The onions.  More disappointing than bad really.  Almost all of them grew but I think they put more effort into the greens than the bulbs.  The entire two bins worth of onions fit nicely into a strawberry pint basket.

For your reference, this is the largest onion of the bunch.

The Squishy:  One unnerving thing we ran into a couple of times where damp, slimy, empty potato skins.  It only happened a couple of times, but still, eww.  I’m thinking about how we would change things up for the onions next year.  I’ve got some research to do but I’m not ready to give up on it yet.  I’ll just treat them as cocktail onions in the meantime!

4 thoughts on “Container Gardening- The Good, The Bad and The Squishy

  1. Do you have a picture of what you used for the container for the potatoes? Paul and I are thinking of just putting them in the raised garden, but if a seperate container works that would be awesome because we are putting the raised garden on top of some underground wires and even with the extra dirt from the raised garden…..still makes me nervous.

  2. I was really sure that I was going to do container potatoes this year, but I completely ran out of room for them. Really regret not making the room on my balcony and will have to ensure that I do so next year.

  3. We didn’t grow pototoes (I’m not sold on the effort/benefit ratio) but we did grow onions from sets, and they ended up the same size as yours. Let me know if you have any revelations on growing bigger onions.

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