Giving Goat a Chance

Awhile back , I got a wild hair and decided to try goat for dinner.  Clancey’s had quite a bit available and every week we went in they had new kabobs, sausages and marinated cuts available.  We had never tried it but with so much of it in the case, we felt like we were missing out on something.  We asked for something good for newbies and ended up bringing home a few goat chops.  The Hubs grilled them up with a little salt and pepper like we would with any other cut of meat.

I was expecting the chops to be similar to lamb but it really was more similar to beef.  It was kind of like eating tiny little steaks.  Adorable.  I think next time I’m feeling brave I’ll pick up something bigger like a roast or ribs or something like that.  Basically, a cut that’s larger than the tines on my fork:)

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