Winter Project List

It’s December 3rd and, despite the fact that there isn’t any snow on the ground, the garden is all tucked in for the winter.  Usually, when this happens I sort of stop thinking about projects to do and start stocking up on holiday treats.  This year I’ve decided to change that.  I’m going to try and get some projects underway for the long cold weekends we’re starting to have.

First on the list is basic organization.  I would absolutely LOVE to open my cupboard doors and have them look like this.  Realistically, I’ll settle for getting rid of old soup mixes stuck in back corners of top cupboards and figuring out what sort of thing we’d actually use and want to have on hand.

Image: Home Shopping Spy

Image: Home Shopping Spy

Other organizing ideas, are to make freezing and canning easier for next spring and summer.  Blank labels for freezing and canning as well stocking up on enough storage containers will keep any last minute runs to the store to a minimum.



In a perfect world, I’d get to add in an extra piece of counter with a couple of cupboard/drawers similar to the photo below.  Like I said, in a perfect world.

Images: Chris Perez, from

Images: Chris Perez, from

Aside from organizing, I want to get some non-seasonal food stored.  First up would be pasta.  Easily the most bought and used dry good in the house.  I’m also going to look for some other dry goods that would be easy to make and store, like crackers or other snack foods.

image: Copyright Paula Jones with bellalimento

image: Copyright Paula Jones with bellalimento


But most importantly I want to learn how to make CHEESE!!!

Images: Emma Christensen,

Images: Emma Christensen,

Lastly, I’m wondering about entrees I can make and freeze, like this pizza.  We’ve had so many busy weekends without time to grocery shop, stuff like this would have really come in handy.

Image: America's Test Kitchen

Image: America’s Test Kitchen

I’ll keep you posted on any updates to the list.  I think starting with the organization will make the rest easier and, to be honest, get the worst of it out of the way first!


**just a note, I didn’t intend this to be a post about how many projects you can find at but I couldn’t help it, they’ve got some good ideas

One thought on “Winter Project List

  1. You need this book: The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods you can stop buying and start making by Alana Chernila. If not for the many other items in the book (vanilla extract, hamburger buns, hot sauce, etc) then just for the mozzarella!

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