Pasta Project

So, I haven’t quite gotten around to finishing my labels.  I think I’m being to picky about my font……

Anyway, while I’m mulling that over, I thought I’d share another project we worked on to beef up our pantry cupboard.  SPAGHETTI!

We’ve made pasta from scratch in the past, but we’ve never tried drying or making enough to store long term.  We used a basic pasta recipe I found from Giada De Laurentiis.  Instead of using flour, eggs and water, like a recipe we’ve used in the past, it used olive oil in place of water.

pasta fixins

We mixed it all up in our food processor until it sort of looked like cornmeal but stuck together if you pinched it together.

pasta dough

From there, we formed a ball out of the dough and let it rest for a bit.

balled up dough

I was a little nervous about how it was going to work after the resting period.  The dough seemed like it was kind of crumbly and I was afraid that it wasn’t going to stick together in the machine.  You can kind of see the texture a bit better in this photo without the plastic wrap.

unwrapped ball of dough

After the first pass through the machine the pasta dough sort of stuck together but wasn’t coming out in a sheet.  It was looking pretty ripped up.

first pass

Second pass on, the dough started looking more like I expected.  It was sticking together and the sheets looked smooth. We kept thinning the sheets until we’d made a couple of passes at the smallest width.  From there we started making the noodles:)

final sheet

Look at it go!


We used some washed, plastic clothes hangers to hang and dry the pasta for a couple of hours.

fresh pasta

We weren’t sure how long it would take to make sure we had all of the moisture out of the pasta.  I searched around through cookbooks and online and couldn’t find a good dry time.  I saw a couple of people who had issues with the pasta going bad quickly as a result of not drying completely.  To make sure we wouldn’t run into that we took the pasta off the hangers and let it dry on some dish towels overnight.

laid out pasta

The next day we split our dried pasta into a couple of storage containers.  The noodles kind of curved as they dried so we couldn’t fit as much as I’d hoped in each container.  We definitely have enough for a few spaghetti nights though.

stored noodles

We tried using some of the dried pasta tonight for dinner.  It cooked up super fast!  I think 2 minutes tops!  We mixed up some cream sauce and added some peas.  I’ll definitely want to try making pasta again, maybe some different varieties too, like spinach pasta or something that’s more whole wheat based.


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