(pretty much, almost) Finished Organizing

Well, I got almost all of the labels printed for my ongoing organization project so I thought I’d show you the latest before and after photos.

First up, our main pantry cupboard.

messy cupboard

I’m most excited that I’ve been able to keep it organized over the last few months!  We definitely need to get back to the grocery store and refill our bins though… Full disclaimer, we ate out tonight…

organized cupboard1

The rest of the kitchen has stayed pretty organized too.  I don’t have the best before photo for you, it’s a shot from back when I was talking about refinishing the cupboards, but you get the gist.

missing doors

…and After
It’s hard to tell from the photo but we now have a shelf dedicated to different kinds of salt and one dedicated to tea and coffee.  The cookbooks are now all in one place instead of 2 deep and the mixing bowls and glass cookware is easier to get to than it was before.

organized cupboard2

Here’s a shot of what’s going on with the spice drawer, it’s pretty much set except for new labels.  The painters tape just isn’t quite cutting it for me.  Oh, and no, those aren’t all full.  We got a little excited about filling the drawer with matching containers.  I fully blame The Container Store.

spice drawer

Once this is all finished I’m going to get back into some of the food projects I listed out earlier this year.  I found a place in town to get cheese making supplies…I’m pretty sure I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

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