Garden Ideas

With Daylight Savings Time this week, we’ve had sunsets at 7p.m. all week!  It’s so amazing to leave work in the sun!  That being said, it’s also got me hankering to work in the garden despite the fact it’s still covered by about a foot of snow.  Since that’s not an option, I’ve started gathering ideas of thing to try.

First, I want to try growing potatoes in a garbage can another shot.  We had pretty decent results last time and I’m hoping that with a little more rain this year it will be even better.

On the new project list, what I’m most excited about is trying to do some gutter gardens.  I think this would be an easier way to manage herbs and grow some lettuces as well as maybe keep squirrels at bay.

With the space potentially freed up by moving the herbs, I want to take another stab at growing some beans and peas.  I thought this bicycle wheel idea was pretty cool for a climbing line.  This might also work if we end using some extra garbage cans for beans.

With all these exciting ideas, what we’ll really have to do first is prune up our raspberry bushes.  It’s a pretty tangled mess right now and harvesting the berries was a little challenging.  This video from The University of Maine’s is what we’re going to use as a guide.  I’d like to get out there and start cleaning it all up as soon as the snow melts enough to clear a path.

I’m going to have to psych myself up to go out there with the cold temps but, we’ll need to do it before things start warming up too much.  I’ll just have to keep telling myself it’ll be worth it come July!

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