Winter Market

This past Saturday, a friend and I went to a Winter Market put on by Fulton Farmers Market (kind of a mouthful).  It was housed in the greenhouses at Bachman’s in South Minneapolis.  They had a great turnout.  I think the combination of a sunny day and a city itching for spring had everyone eager to get out of the house and pick up some treats.

farmers market 1

They had a mix of canned goods, meats, cheese, honey, jewelry, and crafts for sale.  A couple of food vendors were there too if you needed a croissant for breakfast or falafel for lunch.  I was really hoping there would be a little bit of early, fresh produce but it’s still just a little to early for that.  Stupid snow.

farmers market 2

I picked up some fresh Feta (from Singing Hills Dairy) for sprinkling over salads this week and some Raspberry Pepper Jelly (from Hazelwood Creek Farms) that I might eat with some cream cheese and crackers later this week.  Yum!

farmers market 3

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