Raspberry Bushes

Happy April Fool’s!  Did you guys pull any good pranks today?  I’m not very good at keeping a straight face in situations like that.  I usually end up giggling and telling someone what I was going to do instead.  I’d make a horrible con-man.

Anywho, this weekend we had a quick blast of warm weather, up into the 50’s!  We took the warm up as an opportunity to get out and thin out our raspberry bushes before they started to bud and it got to late.  They got pretty overgrown last year and hard to harvest.  Here’s what we were looking at Friday afternoon when we got started.raspberry bushes 1

A few snags and scratches later, this is where we ended up.

raspberry bushes 2

We trimmed one day and then went back and tied them to supports the next day.  Here’s the video we used as a guide.  We have a different variety of raspberries than those in the video but it was pretty much the same process.

raspberry 3

The only difference is our berries are ever bearing so our good stalks had some dried little branches we popped off where new buds were forming.  I’m hoping the thinning we did will make them easier to pick and help promote growth of some new stalks for the next year.  Getting out and doing some gardening got me itching to get back to the back yard garden too!  I’m working up a new plan that I’ll share with you later this week!

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