Garden Plans 2013

Well, we have a winter storm watch/warning later this week with accumulating snow, awesome.  In spite of the lack of spring, we’ve finally gotten our full garden planned out.  We’re expanding a little on to our patio with the herbs and trying to grow some new veggies on both sides of the yard.  We cut out the summer squash and switched some for Butternut squash.  We’re also trying a couple different varieties of potatoes, the basic white and some cool blue potatoes, both of which will be in the large garbage cans like last year.  We’re going to give salad greens and swiss chard a try too.

garden layout 2013

It’s hard to believe some of my Facebook friends have already been out in their yards with full garden beds sprouting.  I’m definitely a little jealous about that.  We’ll keep doing what we can in the meantime, we start our tomatoes in doors this week and are ordering the remaining seeds we need this week.  We’re supposed to get up to 50 this weekend, cross your fingers for me that it sticks around this time!

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