Back to the Grind

I hope you all had a relaxing holiday weekend.  I spent most of it in the back yard working on the garden and grass (or lack there of).  We only have a few more things to plant on the patio and then we can sit back and watch it all grow.  I’m crossing my fingers for the second round of grass seed we put down.  Don’t let the green in the photo fool you.  It’s 90% weeds with a few patches of grass around the edges.full garden


I also spent some more time helping out at the Fulton Farmers Market on Saturday.  I went towards the end when I would be starting to help with the clean up.  By the time I got there a lot of the easy to grab greens and veggies had been sold which was great for the farmers but not so great for me.  I made up for it with a run to Kingfield market on Sunday morning for fresh salad fixings.  Even with the cooler weather this weekend both markets were busy.  I hope it keeps up that way for the rest of the season, I’ll just have to try and get there earlier to make sure I get what I need!

kingfield market

In my travels last week I got to check out the Momofuku Noodle Bar in NYC.  Not exactly local but look at that noodle bowl!  So good!  I got their namesake Momofuku noodle bowl as well as some pork dumplings (missed getting a picture of those).  Both were really, really good.  You could easily share the dumplings and noodle bowl.  I was stuffed by the time my bowl came to the table.


I also tried some New York brew while in town, Porkslap Pale Ale.  It was sold to me as a hoppy IPA, not so much.  It was an easy drinker, light on the bitter hops taste.  The can itself sold me on trying it though.  It must be the Iowa farm girl roots.


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