New Ingredient- Pasta with Ramps

The first week of the farmers market, I picked up a small bunch of ramps.  I’d seen lots of talk in the blogosphere about these rare, once a season wild leeks and didn’t want to miss out.

ramps 1

Since it was my first time fixing them, I went to my usual prep method; olive oil, salt and pepper. I did a quick chop, separating the bulb from the greens.

ramps 2

I got the bulb ends going in a generous tablespoon of olive oil.

ramps 3

When they were starting to brown just a bit, I added about 3/4 cup of frozen peas that I’d rinsed and drained to start the thawing a bit.

ramps 4

After a couple of minutes, I added in the leaf ends of the ramps.

ramps 5

When they started to wilt a bit, I added in the pasta (oh yeah, didn’t I tell you, I was making pasta in a separate pot).

ramps 6

I mixed it all up and added a bit of butter and salt and pepper before serving it up.

ramps 7

I can see what all the fuss is about.  They had a great onion and garlic taste, perfect for pasta, and at the same time, weren’t to over powering.  They made me want to start trying them in different ways but I haven’t seen them at the market since the first weekend.  I’m hoping if I get there early this wee I’ll be able to snag another bunch but if not, I’ll be grabbing as many as I can carry next spring!

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