Roasting Radishes

Last weekend, we picked up a small bunch of radishes from Uproot Farms.  I always like eating them raw on salads or with a bit of butter and salt but I’ve never tried cooking them before.

raw radishes

For dinner last night we tried roasting them on the grill along with some asparagus and steak, also local finds.

radishes with salt and pepper

I trimmed and cut the radishes in half before adding some olive oil, salt and pepper.

roasted radishes

I closed up my aluminum foil around it to make a little pocket.  I put it on the grill at the same time as the steak and kind of forgot about them until the steak was done.

radishes- final meal

When I took them off, the radishes were really tender and cut easily with a fork.  They had a similar consistency to potatoes but with a bit of pepperiness.  Prep and clean up couldn’t have been easier either.  It’s good to have another option for preparing radishes.  We’ve got plenty of sprouts of our own in the garden so, fingers crossed, we’ll have plenty to eat in a few weeks!

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