Garden Update – July

Hope you all had a happy 4th of July weekend!  Between the holiday and my brother’s wedding (Yippee!) I ended up taking a bit more time off from the blog than I planned.  Big Congrats to Chris and Sara though, beautiful wedding with plenty of fun and dancing to be had at the reception!  Couldn’t be happier for them!

While we were gone, the garden finally started to take off.  We have plenty of lettuce and chard.

garden update-lettuce and chard

Squash is doing pretty well, we had to re-plant half of it so that’s why we’ve got a couple of different sizes right now.

garden update-squash

Cucumbers are starting to need something to climb, that’ll be on the to do list this weekend.

garden update- cucumbers

Tomatoes are looking much better too.  They finally look sturdy after a pretty spindly start.

garden update-tomato

Potatoes are doing awesome!

garden update-potato

The regular white potatoes are doing a bit better than the blue, we also noticed that the flowers are color coded for us just in case they were all the same size.

garden update-potato flower

Radishes and carrots are doing well.  We’ll need to harvest them this week and we’ll still have time to re-plant before fall.

garden update-radishes and carrots

Peas are starting to climb but still have a ways to climb.

garden update-peas


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