Summer Catch Up

It’s hard to believe the summer is half over already.  Back to school ads are all over the place and the nights are getting cooler again.  I realized that this time last year we were harvesting tomatoes and zucchinis and were working on our second harvest of raspberries.  This year we still have yet to see a red tomato or full grown zuke.  There’s been plenty of produce at the farmer’s market while we’re waiting for our garden, but it’s just not quite as exciting as picking a few bowls of your own cherry tomatoes.

summer catch up

Despite the lack of produce and posts, I have been doing a few projects in the kitchen.  We’ve made a batch of jam from the first raspberry harvest, I’ve made some wheat bread from scratch and we made BBQ Pulled Pork.

I’m trying to get myself motivated to try some new projects and new foods for the rest of the summer and into the fall.  To help get inspired, I bought a few books that should give me plenty to work with.


I have to say I’m most excited about my new text book ‘On Cooking’.  It’s sort of nerdy but I’m hoping reading through this will make me more comfortable with trying new foods and new cooking techniques.  I’m too quick to just throw something in olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Not always a bad thing but there’s got to be something more exciting.

One thought on “Summer Catch Up

  1. You will absolutely love the Homemade pantry book! I promise! I haven’t bought vanilla extract since before Christmas and Paul loves the coffee liquor for his white Russians. I had a sip or two but sadly by the time it was ready I was pregnant! Booooo

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