Roasted Beet Salad

It took a lot of effort for me to not title this post something like: ‘We Got the Beets’  or some other awful pun.  I’ll save you from my awkward sense of humor for the day.  I picked up beets from the farmer’s market last weekend, it’s the first time I bought them.  I have memories of having to sit at my grandparents kitchen table until I had finished all the canned, pickled beets.  I thought they were the worst veggies in the world.  Things change; since elementary school I’ve grown to like beans, Mexican food and avocados , why not beets?

beet collage

I found a recipe on Bon Appetit for Roasted Beet Salad with Citrus and Feta.  It’s seemed far enough away from the awful canned beets of  my youth and get me to use up some more of the salad greens that are overtaking the garden.  You can find the recipe here.  It went together fairly easy but it took a bit longer than I wanted it to.  I roasted the beets one night and assembled the rest of the salad the second night.  I have to admit, when I smelled the roasted beets coming out of the oven, it made me thing of those nasty bright pink discs and I had a moment of nervousness.

beet collage 2

When I started to mix up the vinaigrette and add in the citrus and cheese, I felt more comfortable with trying the beets again.  They didn’t have as strong of a flavor as I remembered and the mix with feta was pretty tasty.   I’ll probably look for other beet recipes, salads or otherwise and it was enough to put beets back on my ‘edible’ list of foods, feels good.

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