Butter by Hubs

A few of you out there might have seen the photo below when I first posted it last Thursday. The Hubs made a small portion of butter using some of the cream we had left in the fridge.  What you don’t know is why it all started in the first place.

butter by hubs

We were having one of those nights where instead of having a real meal for dinner, we were just having little snack-y things like pieces of cheese or random crackers from the cupboard. Well, we decided to make popcorn on the stove and realized we didn’t have any butter to melt and pour over it. I decided to just run to the grocery store a few blocks away and bring it back, no problem.  Well, I get there and realize that my debit card is in my jeans that are sitting on the floor of our room (it was after 6 p.m., obviously I was in sweatpants) and the measly little dollar bill I had in my wallet just isn’t going to cut it. Whatever, I’ll run back home and grab it, come back problem solved right? Nope.

When I came home the popcorn was done and The Hubs decided instead of me running back to the store he was going to make butter.  “Ok fine, but how long is it going to take?” I asked. “Ten minutes” he answered.  I argued that I could get back in the car get to the store and back in that amount of time too.  The popcorn was still hot and we had never made this before so what if it didn’t turn out. I was reassured it would work and to just hang out while he made it. So I sat there, on the couch, smelling popcorn, waiting and waiting for more like 15-20 minutes than 10. Finally, I was called to the kitchen to see the final product.  I had to admit, it looked like pretty good butter. We melted a bit in the microwave and poured it over our cold popcorn and gobbled it down, it tasted great.

Hubs wins.